To Suit You

Let's Chat

The meeting is a chance to assess the benefit of a teacher/pupil partnership & check out your instrument. Then we can work out the best plan for you to learn to play the guitar.

Five Booked Lessons

For the dedicated pupil who can commit to pre-booked lessons of an hour length and practise regularly.


One Hour Lesson

I suggest that if you've got the time and commitment to dedicate to practising the guitar, this is for you.


Half Hour Lesson

If you're looking to learn playing the guitar, but at your own pace due to other commitments, then half an hour's lesson would suit you.


Twenty Minute Lesson

This type of lesson is great, especially for children who are interested in learning to play the guitar, but would find any longer a chore. I find it keeps their interest and attention for the duration of the lesson.


Group Lesson

If you want lessons with your children, partner or for your children and want to keep the cost down, then this lesson is for you.


Carl Dawson - Stevenage Guitar Teacher
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